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At Gather Resources Madagascar, we make sure companies comply with the rules in force.


Gather Resources Madagascar is a seafarer recruitment and placement agency in the private sector. We are engaged in recruiting seafarers on behalf of shipowners or placing seafarers with Shipowners.

We fully comply with the Malagasy national legislative framework (Agreement 004/APMF/DG/2023) and the MLC 2006.

We believe that Madagascar has a pool of skilled labor force and we also believe that the Maritime industry can give challenging and rewarding careers. Our goal is to connect job opportunities to outstanding and qualified candidates.

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Gather Resources Madagascar understands well the issues related to Finance and Accounting for small and medium-sized companies. Talking about this topic is intimidating: tax and VAT compliance, fiscal penalty… In this regard, we have designed a full range of services based around your requirements and the difficulties you might, eventually, face.

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At Gather Resources Madagascar; We are convinced that global mobility contributes to a country development.  In Madagascar, we count thousands of expatriates’ staff. We provide assistance to companies’ agents, individuals and their relatives to obtain long-stay visa to allow them operating and living legally in Madagascar.

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